Android this week: Galaxy Note 2 here; smarter phones; Sony games launch

9 Oct


The latter part of this week saw me spending most of my free time with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. I ordered the 5.5-inch slab last weekend from overseas and it arrived on Thursday morning. It hasn’t taken me long to get used to the large size as I used the 4.65-inch Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver for nearly a year. Samsung made a smart design decision by decreasing the width of the Galaxy Note 2 over its popular predecessor.

To get a feel for the size, take a look at my first look video, which compares the Galaxy Note 2 with my Nexus 7 tablet, Galaxy Nexus, a Galaxy S III and my wife’s iPhone 4S(s aapl).  Don’t miss the part where I tuck the new phone in my front pants pocket — this phone is just as portable as any other on the market today.


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