iOS Tip: Get Google Maps back

10 Oct

Windows 8 big app update…inadequate

10 Oct

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Windows 8 LogoA couple of days ago Microsoft let loose a major update of their “built in” apps for the Modern UI, formerly called Metro (which I think was a much better name by the way). It has to be assumed that this is the final push before the release of Windows 8 at the end of October.

The result is inadequate to say the least. These updates are certainly not very impressive. Actually they are downright disappointing since there are no or little real improvements to the productivity apps.

Here are a few examples:

  • We got conversation view (which should have been there a long time ago) in the mail app but we still do not have a combined inbox. If you have multiple accounts, like a lot of people do, you have to click or tap between them to read your email. That’s just as joke.
  • The photo app received…

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Multi-iOS device manager Apple Configurator updated with iOS 6 features, iMessage, bug fixes and more

10 Oct

Windows 8 Not Hawt!

10 Oct

Is Windows 8 finally ready for prime time? Release date almost due!

10 Oct


The world counts the days as well known, rock solid company Microsoft releases its new rebuilt, rethought and “reimagined” operating system, “Windows 8” on October 26. The worldwide launch will be held at “The Capitol of the World” New York City and millions around the world can’t wait for the launch of the final build while others are very disappointed at Microsoft for the brutal changes they have made to the windows legacy interface and some others are very skeptical or, well, unaware of this revolutionary product.

On September, 2011 Microsoft released their first compiled build “Windows 8 Developer Preview” for developers and enthusiast to try the OS and give their feedback and add their coding to construct together the later builds. I personally was one of those enthusiasts who downloaded Developer Preview to a spare computer, particularly a convertible, hybrid that could test its usage with the mouse and…

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Some Killer Features Microsoft Could Announce for Windows Phone 8

10 Oct


It’s very possible that Microsoft has been working on some killer features for the OS; features that would further differentiate Windows Phone from Android and iOS (the truth is that Windows Phone 8 could use all the help it can get), and features that would further unify Windows Phone 8 with Windows 8.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – 2013

10 Oct


In the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift, thanks to Mariano Gomez who has explained in his blog that this was communicated the release of Dynamics GP Web Client in phases, addressing each core application functionality.

Installing the web client also explained in the Dynamics Confessor BlogSpot by Leslie. Good article.


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