Google’s Nexus Program

10 Oct

My Side of the World

Many people are confused about Android and the entire Android ecosystem. It seems very complex compared to Apple’s iPhone. In the Apple case, there’s only one phone a year and it’s made by Apple. It’s simple. In the Android world, there are a few big OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) playing in the field: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, and Asus. In order to differentiate themselves, OEMs “skin” Android by adding their own propriety software that is built off of Google’s source code. Google’s source code, often referred to as AOSP (Android Open Source Project), is the foundation of Android. OEM skins is one reason why many Android devices are not updated as soon as Google announces a new version of Android. The other reason why devices aren’t updated quickly is because of carrier intervention. Both carriers and OEMs have little incentive to update older phone models to the latest version…

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