Classification of software

10 Oct


  1. A) Consists of sequences of instructions called programs that can be understood and executed by hardware.

B) Programming language translator = BlitzMax

System software = Disk defragmenter

Library program = A DLL file that is used by several applications

General-purpose applications program = Microsoft word

2. Income tax calculation software = G

Translator for c++ = D

Word processing software = F

Operating software = A

3. A) Assembly code

B) Machine code

C) Line

D) An assembler

E) Assembly code was based around machine code but made slightly easier so that humans could program computers and software without as much trouble.

4. A) i) Word processer.

ii) A group of special-purpose software that is sold as a bundle.

B) i) Software that has been tailored to a person’s specific requirements.

ii) Advantage – It is exactly what the person/company need.

Disadvantages – It is very expensive and it is…

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