Welcome to TCP/IP Part 4

9 Oct

Murf's Net Tech Corner

Key Concepts of Host-to-Host Protocols have been reviewed in our last part, but like me some of you may be more visually oriented, so here you are:

…and just one more for you…

Now, Port Numbers are of great importance for both understanding and troubleshooting purposes.  You can find lists of Port Numbers for various applications, but for the CCENT/CCNA study purposes what follows should be sufficient.

Below is a rather extensive listing, but not all-inclusive, for the TCP/UDP Port Numbers.  It will be helpful in the big picture, but the above picture views will be more than sufficient for anyone testing out.

port / protocol service name common UNIX daemon(s) additional remarks
20/tcp and 21/tcp ftp (file transfer protocol) data and login control in.ftpd,wu.ftpd,proftpd; launched by inetd obsolete:insecure, because unencrypted and difficult to harden service, please use sshd and scp or sftp instead (see below)

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