Wallbrights: A Unique Way to Decorate And Light Up Your Room.

9 Oct


The folks over at Quirky, a socially product development site, could have another hit on their hands.Wallbrights is a modular lighting solution that combines the simple beauty of wall decals with the panache of LED’s. Each piece features an adhesive backing, allowing them to stick just about anywhere, in any number of patterns. The shapes easily link up using male and female connectors: just plug a final piece into an outlet to instantly take your wall from bland to brilliant. The plug is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to switch Wallbrights on and off, or change the color scheme to suit your mood, all from a handy app.

– Diffused LED’s that produce any color on the RGB spectrum
– Adhesive backings for easy application
– Male/female connectors to distribute power throughout the full display
– Bluetooth-enabled power cord with matching app for full remote control
– Hexagonal…

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  1. blurppy October 10, 2012 at 4:33 am #

    I love when people reblog BLURPPY! Thank you!!!!!!

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