Careers in Computing: Computer Hardware Engineer & Software Developer

9 Oct

Blog on CSE (Computer Science & Engineering)


Majoring in computing provides a variety of career opportunities and jobs in the present and future. In the 21st century almost all jobs require some proficiency in computing. There also many different majors in computing. For example, some majors are computer engineering, computer science, information systems, software engineering and much more. Each major focuses on different aspects of computing such as software, hardware, and information systems. Computing jobs are one of the highest demanded jobs with both high salary and high satisfaction rate. They provide opportunities to work alone and work with others. People in computing develop creativity, imagination, problem solving skills, and analytical skills to help tackle different problems The future of computing jobs is without limits and the will continue to innovate modern society.


One example of computing jobs is a computer hardware engineer.  These engineers focus on the development of blueprints for new hardware. They design…

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