9 Oct

Cloud Nerve Network

Productivity Apps for your Mobile

By Dexter Duncan

Productivity is often about doing one thing at a time, often best when focused on your computer at your desk.   Many are already using their private smartphones, iPads or laptops to organize their life and work which is extending productivity further.    (Some call this the Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, policy.)    Blackberry phones used to rule the workplace since they handled applications like email really well.    Phones have gone beyond e-mail, with the iPhone on its’ 5th generation, Galaxy III leading the Androids and a plethora of more smartphone and new Pad like devices coming out under Windows 8.   You should be using these portables to help you get ahead.

The most common ways of staying in touch and keeping organized have evolved over time.    As e-mail, texting, web browsing, documents and “to do” lists are essential in most offices, the…

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