Why did you do this Apple?

8 Oct

Random Musings

I was your most loyal customer. I have always defended you whenever there was a discussion about Apple iPhone v/s Samsung Galaxy  I touted your strengths to everyone.

So when you launched iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, I was excited, I expected the most sophisticated and user-friendly refinements. After all, Paul Krugman touted the phone to increase GDP by 0.5%- that is genuine excitement! But what did you do?

  • Google Maps– I am not the most geographically aware person, so when I am lost Google Maps is my friend. When I clicked the Maps symbol, there was I didn’t recognize. I realized you have taken the map I know, and put one I couldn’t figure out. I was in shock- how could you, after all we became so used to the maps, almost addicted to it. I read more about your maps and found very hilarious posts about how tragically inaccurate…

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