Which direction ? – the start of a new project

8 Oct


So, I find myself in a familiar place. So many ideas, so many things I could do, but only one pair of hands and only so many hours in a single day. It’s almost a crossroads, the fork in the road where you have to determine which road is it best for you to travel.

I have a couple of new games out at the moment, Snooker Star and Snooker Star HD which have huge potential for Asian markets, especially China. I was researching the area yesterday and in China, their’s approximately 60m amateur snooker players with 25m regular players. Where my games really excel is in the popularity of another game, Chess. These markets love game that make you think, where anyone can play (no matter what your skill level, age or level of fitness) which fits the Snooker Star puzzle games perfectly. I’ve sent some emails off the…

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