Someone pinched my mouse

8 Oct

A Celebration of Reading

Way back in 1984 I purchased a new computer the second day they were on sale and fell in love with my mouse (Platonic, of course). The next few years were hard and cruel as the luddites continually pointed at me and giggled over derisive stories. After all, I didn’t have a Centronics Parallel Printer Port on my computer; I lack the need to memorize a quaint command-line language in order to do the simplest things on my computer; I had 3 1/2 inch disks when IBM was supporting the 4 inch format; I didn’t limit my file names to 8 characters for simplicity but had to spell out real names in only 31 characters; and rather than contorting my fingers on the keyboard (à la WordStar) I was forced to reach for a silly toy-like interface called a mouse. Later my sad computer added USB and then dropped the…

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