Smart Phone are Not That Smart!

8 Oct



          Did you ever think your smart phone was intelligent enough to keep all your personal information safe? According to Dan Sarno of the Los Angeles Time, they’re not smart enough at all! Sarno’s article, created for the July 4th Edition of the 2010 LA Times, reaches out to the current smart phone owners or a potential new buyer. Some light was shed upon the secrets of the phone and computer hacker world through this informational article. Sarno explains that the hackers just need your phone number to figure out numerous facts about you. With this seven-digit number plus area code your name, address, work place and other private information can be pulled out of your phone from mile away. Scary isn’t it? By 2011, it was stated that “they are likely to become the standard for most consumers, according to Nielsen Co.” The “they” is referring to the…

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