Kicking The Tires of the BlackBerry 10 SDK Adobe AIR Beta 3 SDK

8 Oct

BlackBerry Developer Blog


We have our team assembled here in Mississauga, Ontario ready to start experiencing what it is to be an AIR developer for BlackBerry® 10. We will be wearing the hats of a developer that uses Flash Builder, one that uses Powerflasher FDT, and one that has a game already built using Flash Professional and would like to port it over to BlackBerry 10. We’ll be installing the SDK and experiencing what it is like for everything from:

  • Creating a BlackBerry App World™ storefront vendor account
  • Getting signing keys
  • Downloading and installing the tools
  • Downloading and installing the SDK
  • Downloading and installing the simulator and what the experience is like using it to test applications

We’ll be logging bugs and annoyances we find along the way all in an effort to make the AIR development experience for BlackBerry 10 better.

If you would like to participate please help us…

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