Japanese iPhone App Glance: SFCE時計

8 Oct

CK's Blog (or second site)

Today we will look at an app from Sega.  It’s SFCE時計 which is SFCE Clock if my Japanese is right.  SFCE stands for Shining Force CROSS Elysion.  It’s an arcade game based on Sega’s popular Shining Force series.

The version here is 1.0.

The app is a basically a clock app.  There is no title screen appearing when you start the app.  It goes straight to the clock.  It may look like a simple clock app, but it’s not really.  This thing is quite complicated.

Tap the info button & you will be sent to the settings menu.  When you look at it, you will be in a stand still.  This app has so much options to change the clock.

This is one of the options.  This one is for changing the wallpaper.

This one is the third wallpaper from the top of the list.

Can you see the difference…

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