Gotta Free Em All, PETAMON!

8 Oct

Naturally Uncanny Reviews!

Alright, let’s face it, no one really takes PETA seriously anymore, or at all, not really sure if anyone ever did.  And when they started doing flash game video game parodies, I think they turned from “Protest Group Trying To Be Taken Seriously” to some sort of online, flash game meta Carrot Top.  Their latest attempt aims it’s uninformed little claws at Pokemon, not surprising as they’ve attacked a Nintendo franchise before, but surprising they haven’t gotten to it sooner.  In the game you take the roll of a beaten Pikachu, fed up with the abuse he suffers from his trainer, and finally turning against the cruel tyranny of the human race against Pokemon.  You mainly do battles against trainers directly using one of four Pokemon (Pikachu and the Black/White starters), each Pokemon featuring two attacks they have from the game, and two “PETA-ified” attacks, such as Protest, Educate…

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