Cool iPhone apps also for Android and Symbian phones + Alternatives!

8 Oct

Rubab's blog

If you currently don’t have an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or never had any of these Apple products (like me) then you might also have been impressed by the collection of awesome apps that a lot of developers/companies offer for iOS and not much for the other smartphone OSs like Android, Symbian etc. It feels quite left out when you really require the use of any of those apps and much to your dismay, that are only available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

I believe that either Apple threatens these developers to not to develop apps for other platforms so that people have to buy the Apple products just to use the apps or the developers are too stupid enough to extend and enlarge their markets by supporting several platforms. Anyway, forget that.

The good news is that nowadays, the apps aren’t just limited to iOS but are fastly coming to Android OS and…

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