Control Your Home From Your Smart Phone

8 Oct


The internet of things is fueling dramatic change in consumer electronics. More than half of new TVs, most DVD players and set top boxes already connect to the internet. Ube is a single platform for accessing all home electronics and controlling them through a smartphone, routed through the home network or through Ube’s Cloud when remote.


Ube provides unique intelligence by relating multiple substems; turn off the lights automatically when you leave home; automatically flash lights when your window break detector senses a break…

Aside from the app, Ube is also working on three distinct IP-enabled devices: smart dimmer, smart wall outlet and smart plug. Plug in any lighting or appliance and you’ll be able to control it remotely through your smartphone.

The smart dimmer runs a 32-bit ARM processor running Android to handle all of its dimming needs. The smart plug will measure how much energy is being used…

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