Blackberry Memories and Mini-Cobblers

8 Oct

It's Pie Life

I grew up in a neighborhood with an overabundance of children.  The oldest kid was 10 years older than the youngest kid and between 12 houses there were 27 kids.  Our moms helped us celebrate the end of school and the start of summer by taking all of us on a picnic to Bryant Park.  The day after Thanksgiving, instead of going to Black Friday sales, the families gathered together to break a pinata and choose secret Santa names for the annual neighborhood pot-luck Christmas party.  The girls had slumber parties for every birthday and we camped out in backyards during the summer.

The area behind our street had been left undeveloped so in our little suburban enclave, our creek, woods and dirt field was a fence away.  “The Field” was all red dirt with two big dirt hills.    The north side of The Field had a creek.  During…

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