Apple’s Maps Have a Data Problem But the Design is Quite Good

8 Oct

Did Apple screw up with iOS 6 Maps? You bet they did and they’ve admitted it publicly. But let’s be clear about where the problem is. There are many gaps in the data iOS maps deliver but for many areas, such as the Bay Area where I live, I haven’t noticed any major issues. In fact, I’ve been using the maps app since the iOS 6 dev release and I’ve found the the turn-by-turn directions to be quite well designed.

What’s to like about the iOS 6 Maps design?

Turn-by-turn directions are well designed and if you happen to live in an area that’s well mapped, you might actually start to use them on a regular basis. Some of the things I like about Apple’s turn-by-turn design:

  1. Maps are vector based and render fast
  2. The perspective of the map is easy to read and maximizes your view of upcoming turns

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