Apple iPhone 5: Five cheaper choices from just £50

8 Oct

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Apple Stock Returns to Where It Was Before iPhone 5


Apple’s new iPhone 5 offers up a huge selection of apps, a gorgeous screen and amongst the best design around, but starting at £519 SIM-free, it’s very much the expensive option.

Luckily there are some great cheaper alternatives out there running Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and even Apple’s iOS operating systems.

The T-Mobile Vivacity is the cheapest kid on the block offering smartphone brains for just £50. The Nokia Lumia 710 delivers a slick user interface for around £100. For £200 Samsung’s Galaxy Ace 2 gives you music, gaming performance and a sharp shooting camera.

The Orange San Diego also comes in at £200 and packs a gorgeous 4-inch screen, perfect for video. Finally, the iPhone 3GS is for all those mobile users who want Apple, only Apple and nothing but Apple, and all for £159. Our in-depth reviews should help you pick which is…

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