7 Browsers That Are Better Than The Native Android Browser

8 Oct


The very first application I used when I first received my Asus Prime tablet running Android ICS was the native browser. I wanted to see what sort of features the latest native browser had these days.While I wasn’t horribly disappointed with the browser, I wasn’t terribly excited about it either. I mean, it had all of the basic features you expect from a decent browser these days – tabbed  browsing, bookmarking and favorites, and easy navigation.  Unfortunately it lacked anything particularly notable – and these days, when I browse I really like to have access to some of the latest available features like voice search, gestures, and a very fast browsing experience.

So I set out to get a handle on the latest available Android web browsers out there that are better than the native ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android browser. Some of the apps that made it to the…

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