Wild Card Games Recap: Wild Carder

6 Oct

The Sporting Nerds

You’ve heard about this by now, haven’t you? Goog doesn’t agree with me on it, and I don’t expect him to or anything like that. The Braves put a pair of runners on in the late innings, and things seem cool until Andrelton Simmons hits a popup into short left-center field. As the shortstop drifts backwards, there is some miscommunication between him and the left-fielder and the ball drops between them. The runners advance and the bases are loaded, or so you would think until one of the umpires calls for the infield-fly rule and call Simmons out. Terrible call, or terribly timed call? You be the judge. One garbage shower later, the field is a mess and Braves fans are still pissed. The Cardinals escape the inning unharmed and ultimately win the game. More garbage.

Now you could certainly argue that the Braves got themselves into this mess with…

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