What I’d Watch 10/5/12

6 Oct

An Embarrassment of Rich's

As I mentioned last week, this week feels a little familiar.  We’ve got another animated Halloween-themed feature, and another action film.  Of course, Looper proved to be a whole lot more than just an action film, something I don’t think Taken 2 has up its sleeve.  Still, it’ll be interesting to see if last week’s films can put a dent in the newcomers due to their perceived similarities.

Even the odd film out has a bit of a been there, done that feel to it.  Pitch Perfect comes across a little bit like Glee: the Movie, and the ship on that show has sailed.  Even people who like Glee don’t like it much anymore, so this seems like a weird time to try to cash in on its popularity. Universal did do a smart thing by sneaking Pitch Perfect last weekend to try to build some word of…

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