Postseason Day 1: October 5

6 Oct

Clogging Bases & Walking Home

We had quite the start to the MLB playoffs with a pair of birds swooping into the LDS rounds with the Orioles and Cardinals advancing past the Rangers and Braves, respectively. Thus, our journey into tracking free passes begins.

Game 1: Cardinals 6, Braves 3

Cardinals pitching issued three walks on Friday, but only one came back to bite.

Walk #1

The game’s first walk came when Dan Uggla coaxed a two-out free pass from Kyle Lohse. While White Sox announcer Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson’s bemoaning of lead-off walks might be part of what inspired this project, there aren’t many more things that frustrate a baseball fan than giving up a walk after two outs. I digress.

The walk to Uggla crossed the plate moments later when Braves catcher David Ross cranked a two-run home run, giving Atlanta a momentary 2-0 lead in the second inning.

Walk #2

Here we…

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