I’m just a little infectious..

6 Oct


I think in life there are times when you realise you CAN’T do it all and you certainly are not invincible. Sometimes you need to slow it down otherwise you will crash and burn-

I’ve always been the sheltered type, over protected, cared for deeply, maybe even spoilt and to be on my own in the big city is not as easy as I thought it would be

I think I caught an infection two weeks ago and I had been dismissing it as a cold when really it’s the mother of all colds, it’s like tonsillitis, fever, tummy ache, cold all mixed up together. I am in so much pain and I can feel my whole body crashing slowly but surely. Usually when I’m ill I’m in my big fluffy bed, with my Mom checking my temperature every 15minutes and my Aunty cooking me whatever I like, with my…

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