Enable / Disable the Local (Hidden, Built-In) Administrator Account in Windows 7

10 Oct

Originally posted on GirlyTechStuff:

Ways to Enable / Disable the Built-InWindows 7 Admin Account

Many people familiar with prior versions of Windows are curious what happened to the Local Administrator account that was always created by default. Does this account still exist, and how can you access it?

Recently I ran into an awkward situation where after disjoining a Windows 7 client machine from the domain, I was unable to log in to the computer. This was not because I had forgotten the local administrator password, but because the local administrator account was disabled (which is the default behavior in Windows 7). Like in Windows Vista, in Windows 7 the built-in Administrator’s account is disabled by default. Furthermore, this account is not associated with any password. After doing some research, I found the following procedure that worked really well.

Enable Built-in Administrator Account 

Basically there are 4 ways in order to activate the…

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Six iPhone 5 gripes from Apple Support: Date/Time issues, Lightning charging, Wi-Fi, reception, voice quality, and battery life

10 Oct

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:

The iPhone 5 is barely a month old, and almost everyone, present company included, thinks it is the most amazing smartphone on the market. But, it’s not perfect (that’s what updates are for), and Apple’s Support Community has been lighting up with not-isolated issues affecting all matter of functionality on the iPhone 5.

The top 6 iPhone 5 gripes from Apple’s support forums:

1. Date and time

The above issue, regarding iPhone 5 dates and times randomly changing, largely seems to primarily affect Verizon users. One support forum member (Rockyrikoko) even reported the same problem having occurred for Verizon’s Droid devices. The same member later claimed Apple engineers told him/her: “Issues with time provided over the air from Verizon will ultimately be for the carrier to address.” A quick skim through over a dozen pages revealed that —to this date— there has been no quick fix from Apple or…

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Why would I not bother “REFRESHing” my Desktop ever again..

10 Oct

Originally posted on Paras Doshi - Blog:

Out of the blue, a question popped in my head: “why do I click on refresh button when I am staring at my Desktop?” – I didn’t know the “Technical” reason and since curiosity got better off me – I read this, this and this and I learned that: It does nothing! Neah, it does something – it redraws the icons on desktop. What does it mean? Have you ever changed the view of the desktop and messed up the icons? I remember I have and If you “refresh” your desktop at that moment – it would redraw the icons on the desktop. other than this, it does nothing!

I just learned that and so I thought I would share that with you!

anyhow, I also wanted to see the “negative impact on performance” of “keeping the F5 (refresh) on hold while on Desktop”. See what It did to…

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No, Dammit, This Is NOT The iPad Mini

10 Oct

Originally posted on Mike Cane’s xBlog:

Business Insider: The Most Convincing iPad Mini Leaked Photos We’ve Seen Yet

Mashable: Is This The iPad Mini? [PICS]

I debunked that crap last night in Twitter. But I find these photos still zooming around the Net as if they mean something. So now this post.

This is another dummy iPad Mini from China!

See proof after the break.

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10 Oct

Originally posted on PREMNAIR'S Blog:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, gives you a powerful CRM software delivered as a cloud service from Microsoft. More info, click here

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Intel’s answer to iPad’s ARM processors sees delays due to power management software

10 Oct

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:

Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBase

A new report by Bloomberg, citing unnamed inside sources, revealed Intel’s software for a new processor, codenamed “Clover Trail,” which would give the iPad’s ARM processors a run for their money while preserving battery life in Windows 8-based tablets, is reportedly running into delays.

According to Bloomberg:

Intel Corp. (INTC)’s delayed delivery of software that conserves computer battery life is holding up development of some tablets running the latest version of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Windows operating system, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

Microsoft hasn’t yet approved any tablets featuring an Intel processor code-named Clover Trail because the chipmaker hasn’t produced necessary power-management software, said the person, who asked not to be named since the process is private.

The delay, following remarks by Intel Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini, who told employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 needs improvement, underscores how the Wintel alliance that has dominated the personal computer industry…

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Classification of software

10 Oct

Originally posted on BenAshbyComputing:

  1. A) Consists of sequences of instructions called programs that can be understood and executed by hardware.

B) Programming language translator = BlitzMax

System software = Disk defragmenter

Library program = A DLL file that is used by several applications

General-purpose applications program = Microsoft word

2. Income tax calculation software = G

Translator for c++ = D

Word processing software = F

Operating software = A

3. A) Assembly code

B) Machine code

C) Line

D) An assembler

E) Assembly code was based around machine code but made slightly easier so that humans could program computers and software without as much trouble.

4. A) i) Word processer.

ii) A group of special-purpose software that is sold as a bundle.

B) i) Software that has been tailored to a person’s specific requirements.

ii) Advantage – It is exactly what the person/company need.

Disadvantages – It is very expensive and it is…

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